I recently returned from an incredible two week trip to France with my mom, aunt and cousin, starting in the South of France and ending in Paris. More on that later, but I want to begin at the beginning with the charming hotel where we spent our first night before heading out on our adventure up the Rhône River: Le Château des Alpilles in St. Remy.

We were there in early November when the weather was just changing – it was sunny and cold but not freezing. Perfect, actually.

Most of the visitors to this region come during the summer months, but I thought our timing was perfect. The leaves were changing, it wasn’t crowded, and we were able to enjoy all the delicious French winter meals like Coq-au-vin and butternut squash soup. The picturesque town of St.-Remy is within walking distance from the hotel; it was lovely to walk around, have lunch and just take it all in.

Le Château des Alpilles is a family owned hotel, run by mothers and daughters (how fitting for our trip). There’s a pool, tennis courts, massage room, electric bike rentals, plus so much sightseeing (vineyards, museums, restaurants) very nearby. The grounds alone are worth the visit.

Plus: I fell in love with the French brand Sisley on our trip – especially this one, Ecological Compound Emulsion. It is lightweight, fragrant and feels amazing. These are also great: Black Rose Precious Face Oil, Radiant Glow Express Mask, Energizing Foaming Exfoliant for the Body, and Nutritive Lip Balm.

Here’s a bit more background on the Château:

The story behind this home is the exciting adventure of the Bon family, who purchased this gentleman’s residence in 1979 with the idea of converting it into a gracious hotel, a «home from home» where guests could be made to feel like friends. Their daughter Catherine, a dispensing chemist, joined them in 1984.

The mother and daughter team set to decorating, renovating and transforming the manor house, making sure to retain all aspects that contributed to its original charm and atmosphere. A lot of hard work and great fun that is very likely to continue for some time, with two delightful grand-daughters already training to carry on the family tradition. A beautiful women story, three generations who watch over this 5 stars confidential.

Le Château des Alpilles
Le Château des Alpilles: Initially a farm (Mas de Gaillard) then later became a castle (Château des Alpilles). The history of this property spans several centuries back as far as memory goes, legend has it that this rural land belonged to a 13th century knight. Although nothing certain can be found to confirm this myth, a cypress tree several hundred of years old attests to the fact that this particular domain dates, back to medieval times. Various families in succession inhabited the land.
Pre-dinner cocktails. But I’m getting ahead of myself…first, the hotel.
Pulling up to the entrance.
This is the view from the windows in my room. I wish I had taken a photo on the drive in because it was equally beautiful.
It kept changing with the light and I could not stop taking pictures.
I would love to see it in the summer as well.
Mind you, I would not want to be the one who has to rake those leaves.
I am sure they have a team of leaf blowers but still, that’s a lot of leaves.
Look how bright the sun was coming through the windows in my room.
My room was the one right above the front door. Felt a little like Romeo and Juliet.
This is the side of the chateau.
Former carriage house – can you see where they used to take the horses in? Maybe this was where the chauffeur parked the cars? (It’s a gym now. Boo.).
Scenes from our walk into town.
I love a cute gate.
We saw these bright red leaves/vines all over France – I don’t recall ever having seen these in the US but they are so gorgeous.
Charm everywhere.
“The Rocking Horse”

I didn’t really understand these chairs with the rest of the decor but the dinner was great.
The aforementioned butternut squash soup. I was the only one who ordered it and everyone was jealous. (I did share btw.)
Birthday celebration for sweet Aunt Mary
Le petit déjeuner and then we were off for our two week adventure!
Saint Remy-de-Provence is in the Southeast corner of France

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