A Winter Wonderland in the Scottish Highlands: The Fife Arms Hotel + A Bingeworthy Show

The Fife Arms

On this weekend before Christmas, I’m thinking of cold weather and fireplaces…preferably in the Scottish Highlands. (In reality I will be at home in Alabama but a girl can dream.)

If you’ve read a travel magazine in the past couple of years, you’ve likely run across  an article on The Fife Arms hotel in more than one publication. 

I have wanted to take a trip to Scotland for a long time now, mainly due to the influence of the Starz show, Outlander, and the great book series it is based on by Diana Gabaldon (12 books total in the series). And now thanks to all this press coverage, I know exactly where I want to stay.   

Located in the town of Braemar, the Fife Arms was named 2019 Hotel of the Year by The Sunday Times. The owners, Iwan and Manuela Wirth, are well known art collectors who took great detail in restoring this historic building that dates back to the time of Queen Victoria in the 19th Century.  

Here are a few reviews from:

  • Vanity Fair (For those in search of a quintessentially British stay with a twist)
  • Town and Country (Does the Fife Arms, Scotland’s Hottest Hotel, Live Up to the Instagram Hype?) and
  • Harper’s Bazaar (This Newly-Opened Art Hotel is Your Fast Pass to Vacationing Like a Royal).

Described by the owners as an authentic, deep and spiritual experience that is also comfortable and luxurious, it looks like the perfect place to spend the day on a hike, golfing, fly fishing or at the spa followed by an evening by the fire with a delicious meal and a glass of scotch or red wine.  

Or both! 

And if you haven’t started watching Outlander yet, kick back in front of your fireplace and enjoy all five incredible seasons (Season Six set to air in March 2022!). I hesitate to even mention the premise of the show — time travel — which I know sounds weird, but trust me: it works. And even if it doesn’t, there’s always Jamie Fraser.

If my word isn’t enough, check out this Town & Country article about the upcoming Sixth season. The show even has its own phrase to describe the time in between seasons, “Droughtlander”.

Merry Christmas and Nollaig Chridheil!

Attire for your Scottish Adventure, clockwise from top left: J. Crew socks – here and here // Penelope Chilvers Tassel Boots (aka the Kate Middleton boots) // Somervell Fair Isle Turtleneck sweater by Madewell // La Ligne Striped Cashmere Sweater // Penelope Chilvers Ankle Boots // Extreme Cashmere sweater

The Fife Arms: Welcome to your Scottish daydream come to life.
Treats for Santa and his reindeer, Fife Arms style.
Artwork throughout the hotel.
Yep, that’s Prince Charles touring the hotel (he’s a neighbor).
How perfect is this room.
And this one.
Actually, they’re all perfect.
“Bertie’s Bar”, the Whisky Bar at Fife Arms. Yes please.
I am so jealous if you have not seen this show yet.
You may recognize Caitriona Balfe from the movie BELFAST.
Map of Scotland and the Scottish Highlands. You can see the town of Braemar in the top right section.

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