Feeling Hot Hot Hot in Cap Rocat: Inside an Ancient Fortress on the island of Mallorca

Last summer my husband and I made the mistake of not making plans while our kids were at camp for three weeks. Once Fall rolled around and we found ourselves entrenched in sports practices, carpool, homework, games, schedules, tournaments, etc. etc., we swore we would make up for it the following summer.

We decided to go big, starting in Paris (more on that later – it was amazing but go, go, go) and ended at this incredible secluded resort on the Bay of Palma in Mallorca: Cap Rocat. (You may remember my “work hard, play hard” travel mantra (Paris: work/Spain: play) – it was in full effect on this trip.)

While we were there, we woke up to these headlines every day and I can confirm that in Mallorca, they were no exaggeration. It was sweltering. Thankfully we were on a beach with breezes and water to jump into.

“Millions face extreme heat across the globe” -CNN
“Tourists sweat it out at Europe’s hotspots” – Wall Street Journal
‘This is just the beginning’: Extreme heat around the world as fires rage in southern Europe” – CNN
“Intensifying heat waves prompt health warnings for Europe, US” – Reuters
“July has been so blistering hot, scientists already calculate that it’s the warmest month on record.” -AP
“July 2023 set to be world’s hottest month on record” – Reuters

World Headlines in July

Despite the heat, we loved our visit here. We swam multiple times a day, slept in, went out to late dinners (9 PM dinner reservations!), had gazpacho every day for lunch, rented a boat and a captain to sail around the island, shopped in town, read books and listened to podcasts (I will forever associate Mallorca with Scamanda), and generally just relaxed and recharged.

The resort is just incredible – we kept saying we felt like we were on a set of Game of Thrones or Outlander. It is hard to describe how unique and secluded the property is.

The food and service was impeccable, our room was beautiful, and it wasn’t so far from town that you didn’t want to make the drive. We went into Palma most nights for dinner.

If there is a downside (or upside, depending on your view) to Cap Rocat, it would be that there is no nightlife to speak of (no bands, bar scene, etc.). We really enjoyed the nightly happy hours, but we went off campus for dinner every night except one.

We made one big mistake when we were there which was listening to the concierge when he advised that we not visit Ca’s Patro March, a gorgeous seaside restaurant where one of the famous scenes from The Night Manager was filmed. We were told it would be too crowded, we would never get in because they don’t take reservations and we would have driven all that way (about an hour) in vain.

We ended up cancelling our day there because of his advice which seemed reasonable, but we talked to other people who went the same week as we were there and had no trouble at all. I could kick myself for listening to him but lesson learned – I really wanted to go there and I should have just gone for it. Don’t make my mistake!

Scene from The Night Manager at Ca’s Patro March

“Cap Enderrocat hides a secret—a building originally designed for defence carved out of its sandstone depths. The fortress of Cap Rocat was never used for the purpose for which it was built and at present, it is the architectural complex where our hotel is found. It seamlessly blends into the landscape of this Protected Natural Area and has the privilege of having use of the waters of the marine reserve of the Bay of Palma, an area known for its Posidonia meadows and its wealth of biodiversity. “

–Cap Rocat
Walkway to our room
Steps leading up to the terrace
Room entrance
Room service
Walkway down to the beach
You could also take one of these carts.
Beach setup – there were two attendants in those little huts and you could order lunch here
Private pathway to the sea
Jump in!
Pool scene was strong too
I lived on this ice tea – it was fresh and citrusy and delicious.
My daily lunch: gazpacho and a side of fries fried in olive oil.
Liquid lunch – no spoons
This was our favorite restaurant on the property

Boat Day around the island

The water looked like water in a pool
We swam from our boat to this cave. It was awesome.
View of the cathedral from our boat.
Happy Hour
I am a nerd at heart and this was actually my favorite form of happy hour.
Uber had only been in operation in Mallorca for two weeks while we were there. The cars were super clean, the fares were reasonable (cheaper than taxis), and they were easy to find.
Shopping in Palma

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