The Amazzing Mezzatorre Hotel

The Talented Mr. Ripley was filmed in Ischia.

When I am fortunate enough to travel in the summer, particularly on big bucket list-type trips, I like to apply the same philosophy that I do to my everyday life which is (for better or worse), work hard, play hard.

And by that I mean I like to go to the museums and take the tours and visit all the important sites, but I want to be pampered and feel relaxed on a trip as well. In practical terms, that typically means starting in a city or other destination followed by beach, which is exactly what I did last summer on a trip to Italy.

My family and friends started in Rome (tours, big meals, museums), then traveled to Tuscany (more tours, bike rides, wine tastings, climbing of castles, and the like; see here and here), and finally ended up on the incredible island of Ischia at the end.

And at that point, we relaxed. Nothing but the sea, great meals, reading, followed by more swimming. It was the perfect end to what was an exhilarating but tiring trip and I was so glad that I tacked it on to the end.

Ischia is beautiful, but if I am being honest I went there for the hotel, and not the island itself. We stayed at the iconic Mezzatorre Hotel and it lived up to every single expectation I had.

The hotel is built around a 400 year old watchtower, located right on the water – you literally jump from a spot right in front of the hotel into the clearest, bluest, saltiest water on the Gulf of Naples.

Visiting The Mezzatorre is a once in a lifetime hotel experience. The service, the design, the location – all of it adds up to a worth-the-hype (and price tag) hotel stay. Add this one to your list for honeymoon, big birthday, couples trip, girls trip – any type of landmark occasion. It really is that special.

More notes on our stay below – including a couple of things that I would recommend + one FYI:

1) We rented a private ferry to take us from Naples to the hotel. Expensive but so worth it. Traveling to Naples is not for the faint of heart (read: exhausting).

2) We also chartered a small boat and skipper to drive us around the island for a day of swimming and lunch. This was our favorite day of this part of the trip, and maybe one of our favorite days ever.

3) I wouldn’t say the Mezzatorre is a kid friendly hotel but we made it work. There were a few other kids there but there is no kids club and no kids menu. It was a good lesson in adapting and trying something new but I do think it would have been tough if they were any younger (mine were age 10 when we took this trip.)

Happy travels this summer, wherever you are going!

I had no idea it was filmed there until I visited last summer, despite it being one of my all time favorite movies – at least until about halfway through when things get weird.

In case you were questioning why we booked the private ferry, this is how I sat for four + hours from our villa in Tuscany down to Naples — in a tiny European smart car no less. And during a heat wave with bad a/c and a very smelly yet kind driver.

We stopped at one of the famous Italian Autogrills on the way to Naples – highly recommend.
Off to hop on the ferry.
Our ride to Ischia

The aforementioned private ferry. We could not have been happier to get on this boat and out of that car.

Off we go
If you want to be entertained, go to my Instagram highlights under “Ischia” to watch the loading and unloading of this ferry.

“Mezzatorre’s watchtower was built between the 16th and 17th centuries. Over the years the property has been home to a pension, a cultural center and finally a five-star hotel…”

-The Wall Street Journal, “Inside the Retro Charm of an Italian Island’s Chicest Hotel

“In 2018, the Sciò family came across Mezzatorre, fell in love with it and in 2019, the Pellicano Hotels Group took over its management.  Marie-Louise Sciò, CEO & Creative Director of the Group, injected her very own personality into every corner of the property – and transformed it into an exceptional Italian abode that fits right into the Pellicano world.”

Mezzatorre Hotel
This is the restaurant by the pool where we had lunch everyday.
Our first lunch. We also had pasta, salt baked fish, and so many other amazing meals during our stay.
John loving the salted fish with roasted vegetables. We were SHOCKED. No plain pasta or chicken fingers at the Mezzatorre! My other son had a harder time but he made up for it in desserts and gelato.
The best way to get around the hotel. Also these were apparently the original taxis of Ischia that have been refurbished for use at the hotel.
Spot of our nightly cocktail hour and Uno games.
Here is the view of the pool and stairs leading down to the sea (ocean? gulf? I never know.)
Stripes are a big design theme at the Mezzatorre.
Even the paper cups for water are in keeping with the stripe theme
Even the straws were striped! This Italian canned tea was surprisingly good.
You can see here how clear the water is. It was so refreshing.
My boys must have jumped off this spot 1000 times.
Under that cute white hat with the red trim is Heather McMahan who was on the Ischia stop of her month long honeymoon – she was so friendly to everyone.
Trying out mirror selfies here but you can see how the yellow theme continues even in the guest rooms – headboard, pillows, and matching mirror.
The Mezzatorre is small and isolated so we left the boys in the room with ipads and room service while went to dinner one night (very close I promise!)
We did go off campus twice for dinner, which was fun.
More stripes but in red.
I honestly cannot remember what that was but with a dish that chic who really cares.
Boat Day!

A tale of two children…one is always deep in thought and the other is never not talking.

We aren’t completely crazy – it was the Fourth of July. 🙂
The spot where Jude Law and Gwyneth Paltrow filmed The Talented Mr. Ripley.
Beautiful spot for lunch

The Mezzatorre had the most beautiful Italian water glasses at every meal. Thankfully, you do not have to use your passport to bring them home.

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