10 Things I’m Looking Forward to this Fall

Even though it is still 110 degrees here in Alabama, September & Labor Day mean that Fall is officially here. I am one of those people who love all four seasons and Fall is no exception.

Here are a few things I am looking forward to this year.

  1. My new MARFA STANCE JACKET: These coats have been all over Instagram the last year or so and I finally took the plunge and purchased one. They are very lightweight and have these stylish, detachable, colorful collars. I originally bought the “Signature Quilt” but ultimately decided it was too long and exchanged it for the “Cropped Quilt” which suits me much better. I chose a sage green coat with a pale pink collar. Very excited to wear this to the many kids activities I will be attending this Fall.

2. A return visit to THE FAENA HOTEL — I am headed back to Miami for a girls weekend later this month. I am looking forward to visiting again, especially during a (hopefully) not so crowded time as my last visit over Memorial Day in May. The Faena has to be one of the coolest and most stylish hotels in all of Miami. Also looking forward to trying a few new restaurants.

3. I am hosting a party for a dear friend of mine who sells SCOUT AND CELLAR wine in a couple of months. This company sells “clean crafted wine” which means that “it goes through two rounds of independent lab testing to guarantee that it’s free of yucky stuff like synthetic pesticides and chemical additives and has fewer than 100ppm of total sulfites.” My friend is such an enthusiastic champion for her company; I am excited to learn more, and of course taste some of the delicious wine!

4. A long awaited mother/daughter trip to Paris in November. We plan to be in the South of France for a week and then head to Paris for about four days. I’ve been trolling Instagram for shopping and dining recommendations. Here are two of the shops and one of the restaurants that I am looking forward to visiting the most. Plus, I recently purchased this book called FRANCE IS A FEAST, a collection of photographs taken by Julia Child’s husband Paul Child about their lives in France, for inspiration. I am hopeful that Covid levels off and we are able to enjoy the visit without too many restrictions but only time will tell.

Officine Universelle Buly à Paris -charming and unique perfumery based in Paris but with locations across the world
La Tuile à Loup – handmade tableware made in France
Selections from La Tuile à Loup

5. Transition pieces from VERONICA BEARD:

Herst vintage print skirt, Nelia Cashmere Pullover, Leila Pullover, Sonnet Ruffled Button Down Shirt, and black skinny jeans.

6. All the LA LIGNE things:  Mini Marin Cardigan,  Ribbon Stripe, Serge Sweater and Mini Striped Toujours.

7. Even though I live within driving distance of BLACKBERRY FARM, I have never visited. I hope I win the lottery one day soon and will get the chance to go, but in the meantime, there are these delicious (& affordable) treats to enjoy at home: citrus mustard vinaigrette, blueberry jam, and gluten free granola.

8. The Best Event in Birmingham: Antiques at the Garden. I have only lived in Birmingham a few years now but I am such a huge fan of the Birmingham Botanical Gardens, and in particular this fabulous four day event of interior designers, floral designers, tastemakers, architects, and landscape architects, not to mention 21 antiques dealers, in a beautiful setting at the Gardens. This year the line-up is outstanding: Charlotte Moss, Christopher Spitzmiller, Mark Sikes & James Farmer, just to name a few.

9. A new PBS Masterpiece Theatre show: GUILT. There’s nothing I love more than a new PBS show, especially a mystery. This new, four episode series about two estranged brothers thrown together by a deadly accident who then attempt to cover up their involvement, airs on September 5.

Actors Jamie Sieves and Mark Bonnar in a scene from Guilt.

10. Jenny Rosenstrach’s new book, THE WEEKDAY VEGETARIANS. I am not a vegetarian — far from it, but if ever I was to change course, Jenny Rosentrach would be the person who could convince me. I have been following her blog, Dinner:  A Love Story, for years. In addition to finding some great recipes, I have watched her girls grow up, read about their vacations and soccer schedules and holidays, books they love, and all the ins and outs of her charming but relatable life. She has decided to take a more vegetable forward approach to her weekday meals, and you can read all about it in her new book, on her blog, AND on her great weekly update which I absolutely love.

Happy Labor Day weekend!

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