Beach House Perfection in Block Island + Fun Summer Jewelry: Seven Earrings & Two Necklaces

Beachhouse Perfection in Block Island

I came across this summer home in the June issue of (Birmingham-based!) VERANDA magazine located in a place called Block Island and it blew me away. This is my idea of the absolute perfect beach house.

Decorated by Miles Redd and designed by Gil Schafer the house is built on an old 16-acre farm including the original barn that now serves as the poolhouse. It has a 20 person dining table, wrap around porches throughout, and plenty of glass doors and windows to maximize the light and views.

I had never heard of Block Island before I read this article (remember, my world is flat) but I did some research and found that it is a small island located off the coast of Rhode Island (nine miles south of the mainland and 14 miles east of Montauk, NY), accessible only by charter plane, ferry, or private boat, and has a population of about 1400 people and “17 miles of pristine beaches, protected by lighthouses and spectacular bluffs, and surrounded by rolling roads and winding paths.”

The island looks very quaint and charming – there’s a serious 4th of July parade, movie nights, farmers’ markets, concerts, biking trails, great restaurants, and of course, beaches.

For more information on where to stay, click here. (I saw lots of great rental houses when I was researching the island. For hotels, I think I would want to stay at the BLOCK ISLAND BEACH HOUSE.

For more information on how to access the island, click here.

Look how much fun this movie schedule sounds: “Blockbusters on the beach are back! Tuesdays at sunset, starting around 7:45-8 PM, watch some of your favorite, feel-good movies from the beach as they are played on theFred Benson Town Beach Pavilion building. Films range from family-friendly musicals to romance flicks and comedy classics. Come an hour before showtime to witness
experimental music and art. Plus, be sure to bring your own blankets, chairs, drinks, snacks,
and other movie-watching essentials.

Summer 2022 Movie Schedule

June 28: Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure  July 12: Ocean’s 8 

July 26: Matilda  August 9: Raiders of the Lost Ark 

August 23: Sunset Boulevard  September 6: Licorice Pizza 

“Block Island is not the Hamptons. It’s not even remotely Nantucket. There’s a real kind of ‘Yankee New England’ reserve here. The idea was just to have this beautiful, simple house that felt like it had been there forever.”

Miles Redd
But now back to this perfect house…notice the ceiling beams…
Beautiful Entry Hall, especially the custom painted marbled mirror.
A cozy spot to read a book.
The dining “veranda”
The refurbished barn that now serves as a poolhouse.
Table for 20 (!!)
How awesome is this couch? Apparently there is a retractable movie screen.
This is slightly too much floral for me but I would gladly overlook it to stay in this guest suite. Btw, I am very surprised by all the ceiling fans, usually decoratos steer clear of them. Perhaps the owners insisted.
Another pretty guest room.
Block Island from the air
A local restaurant
Good night

Speaking of summer and beach houses, I really love my earrings and necklaces in the summer. Here are a few to add to your collection.

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