A Shoe Designer’s Insanely Glamorous Parisian Wedding

My Instagram algorithm knows me very well at this point in our relationship.

Behind hotels and other travel inspired posts, the second most suggested category of images in my feed is one I will just call “Fancy European Weddings”.

The latest one that caught my eye was the insanely glamorous wedding of Margaux shoe collection co-founder, Alexa Buckley to Alex Roussel (yes even their names are a perfect match), son of former head of LVMH Fashion Group Pierre-Yves Roussel and stepson to fashion designer Tory Burch.

With this background of familial relations, herein lies the meet-cute introduction of bride to groom:

“…designer Tory Burch played matchmaker and orchestrated their initial introduction. “I was attending a joint engagement party for my best friends, Chloe Burch Seaver and Neely Burch Morandi, hosted by their aunt, Tory [Burch],” Alexa, the designer and cofounder of the popular footwear brand Margaux, remembers. “Toward the end of the party, I went to thank Tory and say goodbye, and we got to chatting. As we were catching up she asked if I was dating anyone, to which I said no. She told me I had to meet her stepson, Alex, that he was brilliant and handsome, and she thought we might really hit it off.”

Alexa Buckley Roussel, on how she met her now husband

Hit it off they did and fast forward to their wedding weekend in Paris on September 23, 2023 in which no detail was left untouched:

  • Thursday Night Rehearsal Dinner: Dinner cruise on the Seine
  • Friday Night Welcome Party: Held at the infamous restaurant, Maxim’s de Paris – where the theme was “Maxim’s Marveilleux”.
  • Check out this Instagram Reel of the Mark Ingram-designed dress (& with a ponytail – love!)
  • Reception: Musée Rodin, after party dress designed by Elie Saab.

For more information and background on Alexa Buckley Roussel and the shoe company that she founded with her best friend from college, read here: Glimpse Guide Interview.

I haven’t had a chance to listen yet but she also has a podcast called Over Dinner Tonight – look forward to checking it out.

I have included a few selections from Margaux at the end of this post – I love the concept behind this brand: comfort & style are not mutually exclusive!

Hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving – my favorite holiday.

P.S. Don’t forget you can find all my PARIS GUIDES HERE.

About Alexa and Sarah: “After serendipitously meeting at a cab stand in college and becoming best friends, we graduated and entered a world where women were constantly choosing between style and comfort. So, we set out to create a new kind of footwear wardrobe for women on the go, powered by thoughtful design and an innovative approach.
What started as a handful of silhouettes has grown into a full collection, complete with beautiful, comfortable styles for everywhere life takes you.”
Over Dinner Tonight: “The magic of a dinner table links us all. Over Dinner Tonight invites listeners to sit down with inspiring guests over dinner to explore topics not typically on the table. Each episode gives listeners a front row seat to an unscripted, intimate dinner discussion through genuine conversation and camaraderie over a meal of their choosing. The dinners are easygoing and relatable – there is no prerequisite for listening in. By the time dessert arrives, we’ll realize that the more we learn about others, the more we really learn about ourselves.”
THURSDAY: “On Thursday, we celebrated our rehearsal dinner on a cruise down the Seine. This is a shot of us arriving at the boat, where we had cocktails on the deck before going downstairs for dinner. I wore a dress from Oscar de la Renta’s fall 2023 collection with white-heeled sandals made by our incredible team in Spain.”
We need to take a moment for Alexa Roussel’s hair – down, loose bun and ponytail – she nailed all three.
Friday Night Welcome Party at Maxim’s
The legendary Maxim’s in Paris – dates back to 1893
Iconic image of Maxim’s
Dress fitting with Mark Ingram
Instagram Reel from the party
Margaux co-founders Alexa and Sarah
Future step-mother-in-law, Tory Burch
WEDDING DAY: Carolina Herrera Designed Wedding Gown
The bride and her father. A boys choir called Les Petits Chanteurs de France processed and sang alongside the organs at the ceremony.
About the Musée Rodin: In 1916, a year before his death, Auguste Rodin (1840-1917) bequeathed all his works and possessions to the French state which, in exchange, purchased the Hôtel Biron and committed to turning it into a museum dedicated to the artist. The Paris site opened to the public in 1919, the Meudon site in 1948. The artist’s bequest was the founding act of the Musée Rodin, perpetuating the special bond between a prime location in one of the loveliest gardens in Paris and the work of the most illustrious sculptor of his day.
Rodin’s donation of his works and possessions included his intellectual property rights. The molds and models he bequeathed are used to produce original bronze casts, allowing his work to be disseminated worldwide.
The Musée Rodin is also the holder of the artist’s moral rights and ensures that his rights of paternity and integrity are respected.

“Alexa, Alex, and their band, Inspiration, walked guests through two hidden green doors into a disco where the party roared on for the rest of the night. Outside the disco, guests could take midnight tours of the museum on their own, and the garden was lit and decorated with outdoor furniture for guests to lounge on between breaks from the dance floor. There was also an espresso bar with more dessert, as well as crepe and croque monsieur carts for late-night sustenance.”

AFTER PARTY: Yet another dress – this one for the after party by Elie Saab.

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