Outside Claridge’s

When I first decided that I wanted to go to London with my two boys, I actually had no idea when and if we would be able to travel abroad on the dates that I booked. During the height of COVID, I watched a documentary on Britbox called “Inside Claridges” and immediately knew I had to stay there and made a reservation on a whim one night while watching the show. Even with the knowledge that I might not be able to go, I felt better just knowing that I had a reservation. (I get the same satisfaction putting an item in my cart when I am shopping online — you know the feeling.)

I had heard of Claridge’s of course, and had even had dinner and drinks there years ago when Gordon Ramsay had a restaurant inside the hotel, but after watching the documentary, I needed to see what all the fuss was about.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago, we did get to make our trip to London and Claridge’s. If I had to describe my stay in a few words, they would be elegance, tradition, and service. The hotel itself is beautiful and historic but it is the interior that really makes it unique. The exterior is a brick, Embassy-like building with multiple flags out front and revolving doors, but once you walk inside it is an explosion of art deco chic – complete with mirrors, metallics, flowers, images of flappers with strands of pearls, and lots and lots of pastels.

Despite all that flair, the hotel has a cozy, intimate and for lack of a better word – British – feel to it. There’s a fireplace in the lobby and a beautiful spot for breakfast, afternoon tea, and drinks. Claridge’s makes you feel at home but at the same time like you’re someplace really special.

Our stay was a lovely experience from beginning to end: The concierges knew our names within hours of checking in and helped us with requests both big and small (to name a few: which train tickets should we buy? what is the best sporting goods store in town? Can you show me how to take this covid test? Book us a babysitter? Is this restaurant kid-friendly? Can you move our reservation back an hour? Our requests were endless and they couldn’t have been more gracious and accommodating).

Bonus of staying at Claridge’s: Its sister hotels are The Connaught and The Berkeley. If you want to go for drinks or dinner at one of these hotels and you mention that you’re staying at Claridge’s, they will figure out a way to get you in. We experienced this one night after dinner when the boys wanted dessert and the adults wanted another glass of wine. We walked into a packed bar at the Connaught and they were about to turn us away but then asked where we were staying. When we told them Claridge’s, they took us right to a table marked “reserved”.

I highly recommend that your trip to London include a visit to Claridge’s. Whether you are staying at the hotel or stopping in for drinks or tea, you will not be disappointed.

Plus, a little gift inspiration for all the mothers in your life. ❤️

Clockwise from Top Left: 1. Palm Hat – time to get ready for the beach // 2. Lake Pajamas – a good long sleeve/shorts combo is very hard to find // 3. Cartier Tank Française Watch – needs no description // 4. Joanna Vargas Rejuvenating Serum – this smells and feels amazing // 5. Temperature Control Smart Mug – this is the best gadget; keeps your coffee warm for 80 minutes // 6. “Hello Molly!”, by Molly Shannon – I don’t think I would be interested in this book had I not heard an interview with Molly Shannon; she overcame a terrible childhood tragedy; her life story is fascinating. She also seems like a really nice person. // 7. Silk Hair Ties from Liberty London – I bought these silk bands in London at the Liberty London flagship store; they are great for your hair; also come in black // 8. Éliou Gold Plated Bracelet – under $250!
Inside Claridge’s : the best spot for cocktails, breakfast and tea
One more, this time with the chandelier
Inside Claridges – fascinating documentary about the inside operation at Claridge’s. Highly recommend if you like hotels.
We couldn’t get over the flowers.
Metallics and pastels
Here’s that fireplace in the lobby I mentioned.
British GOAT.
The elevator with the love seat was a huge attraction for my twins. Apologies to the other hotel guests who had to ride in it with us.
Even the ladies room is glamorous.
One of the rooms in our set of connecting rooms. It was very spacious and comfortable.
Whimsical treats for us on the desk when we arrived that were replenished throughout the week.
Thomas settling right in.
This is the hallway that connected our two rooms and turned them into a little apartment.
Coffee delivered to our room every morning, within minutes of calling to request it
Beautiful staircases on both sides of the hotel.
Happy Camper.
Fresh pastries, juice, eggs, bacon , and (of course) chocolate chip pancakes — it’s all there.
My handsome dates for the evening.
Continuing my obsession with silver buckets of champagne and wine
Claridge’s Bar
Chic Bar Menu, by Cecil Beaton
The neighborhood where Claridge’s is located, Mayfair, is gorgeous. Hyde Park is within walking distance.
Beautiful Mayfair
Good Night, London.

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