Food & Fashion: The D’Angleterre Hotel in Copenhagen, Denmark

The D’Angleterre Hotel

If you haven’t been to Copenhagen, you need to go.  And when you go, you need to stay at the D’Angleterre hotel.  

So what’s so great about Copenhagen?  The food, the architecture, the bicycle culture, the shopping, the style, the history, the people…all of it. But mainly, it’s the food. 

They take it very seriously there.  Their cuisine is fresh, local, avant garde, elevated.  I am by no means a foodie, but it doesn’t take a restaurant critic to quickly realize that the food in Copenhagen is not only different, it’s better.  

From the famous restaurants (there are many) to the local neighborhood spots, you will be hard pressed to find a meal that isn’t not only delicious, but inspiring, in this great city.  

So go for the food.  But also go to stay at the D’Angleterre.  It is luxurious and cozy and perfectly situated near shops, restaurants and sights.  Be sure to check out the spa located at the bottom floor of the hotel – the pool alone is worth a visit. 

Don’t miss shopping for the most beautiful porcelain at Royal Copenhagen, a bike tour around the city (biking is a major thing in Copenhagen, interesting story here) lunch at Victor (champagne + oysters), dinner at Pluto, Tivoli Gardens (especially the roller coaster and swings), Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, and Schackenborg Castle

And if you dare, go here for an eye-opening experience. 

Lastly, my favorite world traveler and foodie, Phil Rosenthal, makes a stop in Copenhagen on his great show Somebody Feed Phil.

Also, they have Royals!

Clockwise from Top Left:

  1. You’ll be riding bikes a lot on your visit, get your gear here.
  2. See Denmark through the eyes of the charming, handsome & intelligent former U.S. Ambassador to Demark, Rufus Gifford, in this great show.
  3. Royal Copenhagen porcelain, since 1775. Also available at Williams Sonoma.
  4. Copenhagen based designer Rotate Birger Christensen
  5. For an amazing meal:  Pluto
  6. Sneakers for your bikes rides
Mr. Ambassador
The daily morning commute in Copenhagen
Fashionable Danes
Bikes everywhere, even during Fashion Week
The beautiful & luxurious D’Angleterre Hotel
Lobby Bar
Spa Pool
Guest Room
Fun lunch at Victor, close to the D’Angleterre
Victor Cafe
Snacks at Pluto
Selections from Royal Copenhagen
Tivoli Gardens, which inspired Disney World
The best bike tours, especially with dear friends.
somebody feed phil copenhagen denmark
Somebody Feed Phil. (Rosenthal) in Copenhagen
Amalienborg Palace, home to the Danish Royal Family

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