Come On Ride That Train: All Aboard to Venice, Paris, London, The Scottish Highlands & More

Lately I have been considering booking a trip on one of these luxury train rides that keep popping up in my Instagram feed and other social media outlets. The marketing people for these train travel companies really have my number…it feels like they are talking to me directly and I have no choice but to comply.

“Experience the Venice-Simplon-Orient-Express classic route, where stepping aboard transports you back to the golden age of travel. Prepare for a world of unrivalled luxury and timeless indulgence. Mingle with your fellow travellers in the Bar Car or admire the vistas of Europe from your cabin. Then dress to impress and head to one of our opulent 1920s restaurant cars for an unforgettable dinner.”

I admit it is the “mingle with your fellow travelers” that is holding me back. My worst fear would be to sign up for one of these journeys and then feel trapped for several days in an uncomfortable train with bad food and unpleasant strangers.  

On the other hand, if the décor, views and meals are as desirable as they appear, I think it would be such an enjoyable and civilized experience, especially if you take your own crew with you.  I also like the idea of building a trip either at the beginning or end of the trip (or both).    

Some of the itineraries include: London to Venice, travel within Ireland, various locations around the U.K., including day trips to the countryside to visit castles and Christmas markets, the Scottish Highlands, Peru, and Southeast Asia.  

The rooms look very cozy and inviting, and there’s even a spa onboard some of the trains.  The itineraries that appeal to me are:

VENICE SIMPLON-ORIENT-EXPRESS LONDON TO VENICE: “Journey on the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express from London for a luxurious overnight trip to Venice, where you arrive late afternoon the next day.”

ROYAL SCOTSMAN, A BELMOND TRAIN: Embard on a Grand Highland fling…at once leisurely and luxurious, intimate and eye-opening, step aboard and rekindle the romance of travel. Riding Royal Scotsman is one of those pinch-me moments. Ranking among the world’s most luxurious trains, our mahogany-clad cars marry Edwardian elegance with the comforts of a country house. Ten intricately designed carriages, including the sublime Bamford Spa, form a palace on wheels.”

“All aboard a living legend. Sit back, relax, and uncover the wonders of Scotland in peerless style. From the moment you step onto Belmond Royal Scotsman, you are swept up in a world of myth, legend and timeless luxury.


The Grand Suite


The Observation Car
The Royal Scotsman has a spa.

And to get us in the train travel mood, may I highly suggest my favorite Alfred Hitchcock film, North by Northwest, staring Cary Grant and Eva Marie Saint where all the best scenes take place on what else?

A train.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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