Barefoot Luxury in Greece: The Peligoni Club + 10 Great Coverups from ShopBop & The Cutest Show on PBS

The Charming Peligoni Club in Zakynthos, Greece

I have been following/admiring/stalking a destination called The Peligoni Club on the island of Zakynthos, Greece for years and I am so intrigued by it.

Not a hotel, not technically a resort, you can rent one of the villas on the property and then “join” the club to access all the amenities during your stay.

I can’t say I fully understand how it works (perhaps this is a European thing?) but it is an interesting concept and it looks like it would be an amazing vacation (or “holiday” given that their headquarters are in London and there is a British Airways flight direct from the U.K.)

Here’s the description from the website:

“The Peligoni Club is a family-run beach club in the secluded north of Zakynthos, an island in Greece. It’s a members-only retreat for a fun-loving crowd. Small and personal with a focus on quality over quantity, the club will mould itself around your idea of the perfect Greek island holiday. Open from May Half Term until September every summer.”

The list of possible activities that can be enjoyed as part of your club membership during your stay is endless:  swimming, tennis, fitness and yoga classes, waterskiing, paddling, kayaking, sailing, biking, spa treatments and on and on. There’s even a Triathlon option for the more active vacationers, but if you prefer to lounge and read coupled by an occasional swim (me), that’s fine too.  

The nightlife at the Peligoni Club also looks very appealing on their website – guests are dancing, laughing, drinking, smiling and basically living their best life. 

They have an annual music and wellness festival called The House Party which I would like to sign up for based on the photos alone.  

Villas and cottage options here.

More about membership at the Peligoni Club here.

If you are inspired by the photos of a vacation in Greece and island living, you must check out one of the sweetest and most charming shows on PBS called The Durrells of Corfu, based on the true story and book of the same name about a British family in the 1930s that move to Greece after the death of their father.

It is four seasons of family chaos, joy, ups, downs and most importantly, love. It stars Keeley Hawes, a British actress who you might recognize from other great shows such as The Bodyguard on Netflix and Josh O’Connor, who played Prince Charles in The Crown. My absolute favorite character is the second son, Leslie – he is quirky and hilarious.

Also a few cover-ups from ShopBop as we soak up these last days of summer.

Ya mas!

Another image of Olivia
Outdoor area at a villa
The Peligoni Club is perched on the Ionian Sea.
Activities as part of the Peligoni Club membership
Perfect spot to lounge and read.
The House Party
The Durrells of Corfu on PBS

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