Resolve to Shop: French Label Zadig & Voltaire + A Mediterranean Summer

Although I have been living in a tropical paradise until a few days ago, I realized after a six hour flight delay and a missed connection on the way home, overflowing emails in my inbox, and predictions for a low of 37 degrees in Birmingham upon my return, that it is indeed back to the real world for yours truly.

How better to cheer myself up and distract from my work and mom responsibilities than to do some online shopping?

Enter French label, Zadig & Voltaire.

You know how you can follow brands for years and nothing ever jumps out at you, but then all of a sudden they release a collection and you want every single piece?

That was my experience with the recently released collection of Zadig & Voltaire. Edgy and ladylike, there are great options for both casual weekends and work attire that made their way to my cart.

And while we are on the subject of shopping, while I don’t fully understand it yet, I am getting used to the LTK app (a shopping only app) and have started adding more items to my page. I hope you will check it out and follow along as I add clothes, accessories, books, and home items that catch my eye. It is a great way to shop all of your favorite brands and stores in one place.

The link to my “shop” can be found HERE.

Check out all the Zadig et Voltaire items HERE and individual items below. Some of the pieces I wanted to include on this post are already sold out so get em quick!

Happy New Year and best of luck with your 2023 shopping.

This was my New Year’s Eve outfit in Jamaica. :). You can shop for everything here: New Year’s Eve outfit I really love this Dior lipstick – it is very moisturizing like a gloss but doesn’t clump at all and is easier to apply in the tube form.
In addition to shopping to cure the winter blues, check out this lovely book that I read on vacation last week, Mediterranean Summer. It is a great tale of a chef’s journey and experience working for a wealthy Italian couple on their sailing yacht on the coast of France and Italy. It was published in 2007 but it stands the test of time and is a great adventure for foodies and travelers alike. I loved it. Linked it here for you.
Roysse Sequin Dress – great winter cocktail dress.
Rozo Silk Dress – I think this is so pretty/feminine.
Alma Heart Sweater – just in time for Valentine’s Day.
Refia Dress, also a cute one for Valentine’s Day
Tessi Shirt – Comes in a top and pants as well.
Jamelia Skirt: Sadly, I will be pairing mine with a turtleneck and boots vs a crop top.
Recol Jac Leo Dress – love this with heels.
Manon Coat – Love the pink collar. (half off!)
Korail Coat – a great puffer, also half off!
Verys Creased Suede Blazer – like this not paired w the pants.
Miss Arrow Cashmere Sweater – also comes in black. Cute basic. How many times have I said cute. Another 2023 goal: Find New Adjective.

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